A downloadable game for Windows

(Warning : This game require an Oculus Rift DK2.)

Incarnate a wrecking ball and destroyed everything around you, for the pleasure or may be to find some secret treasure.

Your only input : HEADBANGING!

The game was part of the Virtual Game Jam and was made by

Rémi Leblanc : Game & Level Design, Art, Programming and Plugin research. http://rleblanc.fr.

Pierre Vandermaesen : Game Design, Music and Art. http://vandermaesenpi.com.

Fabian : Game Design.

Damien Blanchard : Game Design, Programming and Headbanging. http://metalchouchen.com

After an intensive weekend of testing during the Virtual Game Jam in France ( http://virtualassociation.fr/virtual-game-jam-2015...) this game in guarantee 0% nausea.


SpaceWreckingBallVR.zip 26 MB

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