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Hockey Slash is a multi-player game.

The main idea was to kill monsters in coop and feel to play air hockey :)


Hockey Slash need XBOX 360 controllers to works. (May be other controllers works, but I cannot test it).

If you got controller problems do not hesitate to close the game. Unplug and Plug your controllers.

Then launch the game.

Press B on pad 1 to activate player One.

Press A on pad 2 to activate player Two.

Press Y on pad 3 to activate player Three.

Press X on pad 4 to activate player Four.

Press Start to launch the game, or relaunch the game after a game over or a win.

In game, press A near to the puck to fire.

Some enemy need two player shoot the puck to be damaged.


Programming, GameDesign : Metal Chouchen (http://ludumdare.com/compo/author/metalchouchen/)

Art : Jenny (http://jhmenjaart.blogspot.co.uk/)

There is no sound, so make them with your mouth and have fun :)

Good game !

More information

Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, Unity
TagsLocal multiplayer, Ludum Dare 31, Multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


HockeySlashLD31.zip (8 MB)